My name is Barbara and I am the proud owner of Lasting Memories Photography. I have 2 teenage boys and a wonderful husband.

I started taking children’s portraits at the age of 15. I worked in shopping centres all over New South Wales, taking baby and toddler portraits. 

I have built a studio in my backyard known as Santa’s Hideaway over the Christmas season. Throughout the year I make good use of this studio taking newborn, toddler and family portraits, and if weather is permitting I also try and get some outside photo’s in front of the dams and mountain views. 

I absolutely love working with children, and at 16, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work as Santa’s Photographer/helper.  This was a challenging role that I totally fell in love with, however  the whole Santa experience was not what I envisioned.

In 1997, I started working for myself taking Portraits, (specialising in Newborn, toddler and families). I am so blessed to have such an amazing job, and to have the opportunity to grow with my clients. 

 1999 is the year I started taking Santa Portraits in St Mary’s for myself, and from that moment my aim was to change the way I had been taught to take Santa photos. I wanted my customers to be given a Santa portrait and a happy memory of their visit to Santa.

Working for other companies it was always rush rush. No time was taken with the children, and many were forced to take photos even if they were screaming. First change I made was not to rush the children. It is imperative that the children are introduced to Santa, they high five and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Next change was to find a way to take kids photos with Santa that were scared of him, without them getting upset. This is when I started to hide Santa behind the chair, and it worked a treat. So well in fact that all other Santa photographers are trying to do it.

When you come to us for Santa photos, our main concern is to leave your children with fun, magical memories of there visit to Santa, as well as giving mum, dad and loved ones lasting memories.