We start taking Easter Bunny Photos at Richmond marketplace on Saturday 26th March 2022. Bookings will open via the website on Monday 14th March.

The Easter Bunny  will visit the Hideaway in Bringelly on Easter Saturday 16th April. Bookings open Saturday 2nd April.

 Bookings are essential 

Richmond Marketplace has the choice of 4 USB packages:

Package A: 1 pose with the Easter Bunny that will consist of  a few different photo’s (portrait, wearing glasses, reading a book with the Easter Bunny)

New USB = $45.00   Old USB (lasting Memories logo) =$40

Package B: 1 pose with the Easter Bunny that will consist of  a few different photo’s (portrait, wearing glasses, reading a book with the Easter Bunny) plus a few photo’s without the Easter Bunny.

New USB = $50.00   Old USB (lasting Memories logo) =$45

Package C: 1 pose with the Easter Bunny that will consist of  a few different photo’s (portrait, wearing glasses, reading a book with the Easter Bunny) plus a blank keyring and blank magnet.

New USB = $55.00   Old USB (lasting Memories logo) =$50

Package D: 1 pose with the Easter Bunny that will consist of  a few different photo’s (portrait, wearing glasses, reading a book with the Easter Bunny) plus a few photo’s without the Easter Bunny. Plus 1 blank keyring and 1 blank magnet.

New USB = $60.00   Old USB (lasting Memories logo) =$55

The Hideaway Bringelly has the choice of 2 USB packages:

We take 3 different backdrops with a few poses on each (with and without the Easter Bunny). You receive all photo’s taken on USB after your photo shoot.  

Old USB (must have lasting Memories Logo) = $80

New USB =$100

 *All photo’s are put onto USB unedited after photo shoot. If you would like the photo’s edited (colour balanced, sharpened, cropped, special effects eg: black and white) it is an additional $35 and photo’s will be sent to you via email within 7 days from photo shoot.


We are taking Easter mini shoots at the Hideaway Bringelly on the 12th, 19th and 20th March. Bookings will open Friday 4th March via our website.

Easter minis do not include the Easter Bunny. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long. We have 4 different backgrounds available (2 Easter themes and 2 plain). Depending on the children and if time permits we will try and utilize all backdrops. We will take family photo’s, sibling photo’s and individual photo’s. All photo’s are put onto a USB and you take them home after your photoshoot unedited. If you would like your photo’s edited (colour balanced, sharpened, cropped, special effects eg: black and white) it is an additional $35 and these edited photo’s will be sent to you via email, within 7 days of your photo shoot. 


We specialise in, newborn, toddler, families, pre-schools, sports, events and wedding photography. You can book at anytime by calling Barbara on 0414596674.

We take bookings from  February to September. You can book at anytime by calling Barbara on 0414596674.

Due to covid -19 (corona-virus) the safety, health and well being of our Santa’s, staff and customers is our highest priority.  We have created a covid safe plan with the government health department, and have come to the conclusion that the safest option is to only take Santa photos at Santa’s Hideaway Bringelly  again this year. We apologize sincerely to all our Richmond Marketplace and Glenmore Park customers, however we need to ensure everyone’s safety,  and the studio at Bringelly is the only way we can guarantee that we stick to and follow the NSW health and safety requirements. This means we will have  full control of the cleaning process, the social distancing rules and the interaction of children with Santa.  In 2020 our covid safety measures worked very well, so we Know we can look after everyone’s safety.

We use a booking system, where you pre book on line, and this can be done from the Santa photo tab when bookings open.

We are excited to be able to welcome you all back to Santa’s Hideaway Bringelly for the 2021 Christmas season. We will be opening on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October, and full time from  Saturday 23rd October.

Bookings will open on a monthly basis.

Bookings for October will open on Monday 11th October, this will also include bookings for pet photography with Santa.

Bookings for November will open on Monday 25th October, and this will include bookings for pets and children with special needs (Sensitive Santa)

Bookings for December will open on Monday 22nd November, and this will include Sensitive Santa also.

If you are on Facebook or Instagram please follow our pages as we always update information regarding Santa on these pages regularly.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lastingmemoriesphotography.barbara

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lastingmemoriessanta

We only offer a few Pet Santa sessions. This year we will take Pet Santa photo’s on Friday 29th and Sunday 31st October. We will also take Pets and Santa on Saturday 6th and Sunday 14th November and Friday 17th December. . Pet photo’s are taken between 5pm and 8pm. 

When coming for Pet photo’s we can only use the Santa room, and we will take your pets with Santa plus some photos of the family, Santa and pet. If you would like to have your family or children taken without the pets it will be an additional $15 and we will take 2 poses of the kids with Santa, if you would like one of these poses with a different backdrop, you may choose 1 out of 3 different backdrops that we have, but keep in mind Santa can only be photographed in the Santa room and sleigh room..

At Lasting Memories Photography, we understand that each person is unique in their own way. So, we strive to cater to the needs of every individual.

Sensitive Santa is offered to families of children with special needs.

Special needs is an umbrella term for many different diagnosis. It is defined as ‘mental, emotional or physical problems in a child that require additional or specialised services or accommodations’.

Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive impairment.

Our Sensitive Santa program offers a booking system of approximately 15-minute time slots. It is designed for children with sensory issues without the hustle and bustle or sensory overload that normally occurs when taking Santa photos in shopping centres.

The environment is quiet, with minimal background noise that provides low stress and a great opportunity to get to know Santa.

This year we will be offering Sensitive Santa on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November between 8am and 12pm. We will also offer Sensitive Santa on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December between 8am and 12pm also Sunday 12th December between 8am and 10am.

New USB’s = $100

Returning customers = $80 (must bring back Lasting Memories USB)

You receive approximately  10 magical minutes,  where we will take 3 different poses on 2 different backdrops, and after photos you will have time to have a chat with Santa.

Backdrop #1 is our Santa backdrop (everyone has there photos in this room with Santa)

Backdrop #2 is your choice from 3 other backdrops. ( This year we have a grey snow room, The Santa sleigh, and a fireplace room).

If you would like extra backdrops it would be an additional $10 per backdrop., However depending on children’s cooperation will depend on whether or not we can take additional backdrops.

We take children and family photo’s with and without Santa, keeping in mind Santa can only be photographed in Santa room and Santa sleigh.  Sometimes we are unable to get all poses, as children may be uncooperative or scared of Santa, However we will try our best.

You will receive all photo’s taken unedited on a USB after your photo session. If you would like your photo’s edited it is an additional $30 and they will be emailed to you, 3 to 5 days after your photo shoot. Editing involves color balance, sharpening, cropping and black and white. (You will still take home your unedited images after your photo shoot).

Many changes have been made, in order to keep everyone healthy and safe.

*There will no longer be a waiting room, toy room or tea and coffee facilities.

*Customers will have to wait in their cars until invited in (this will ensure we can thoroughly clean between photo shoots, and no families will interact with each other).  You will need to text 0414596674 when you arrive. Please text your surname, number plate. When it is your turn our staff member will text you and invite you to come to the door. Whilst waiting at the door you are required to scan the QR code with your phone camera and fill out the required details. When your photo shoot is finished, you must return back to your car and wait for our staff member to return your USB.

*Masks are required by everyone including Santa and staff, however for photos they may be removed.

*Temperatures will be checked before entering the studio, and hand sanitizer will be supplied.

*Customers who have Lasting Memories Usb’s must bring them sealed in a zip-lock bag. Our staff, will always wear gloves when handling USB’s and cash. 

*Children will  be able to high five Santa as he will change his gloves after each session, however they will not be able to sit on his Knee, or sit on his throne next to him.  Santa will stand behind the chair, children will sit in the chair. The chair will be cleaned and Santa will sit in chair whilst children sit on ottomans in front. At all times we must ensure there adequate distance between Santa, staff and children. However with our imagination and experience, children will appear much closer than they really are in the photographs.

*Babies that can not sit on their own, will need to have a photo with mum and dad. In order for us to take them alone in a box or on Santa’s chair you will need to provide a blanket or material that we can use to put them on or prop them up. 

*We can not use our props eg: jumpers, glasses, hats, if you would like prop shots please bring them along, so we can take the different poses you are used to. We are also offering different scenes this year, so if you don’t have props, that’s fine.

Approximately 10 magical minutes per booking slot.

In order for us to operate, we must follow the NSW health guidelines. It is definitely not our choice to  discriminate, and we do apologize in advance, however we can only accept fully vaccinated adults in October and November. From the first of December everyone is welcome. we would like to give everybody the opportunity to visit us. 

Santa’s are all fully vaccinated, and most of the staff are fully vaccinated or awaiting their second shot.

Yes masks are mandatory, they must be worn by all staff, parents and children over the age of 12. However they can be removed for the photo’s, but must put back on straight after the photo’s have been taken.

When bookings open click on the Santa’s Hideaway tab under the menu bar, scroll down and click Book Santa Portraits. Here you will be directed to a calendar. Pick your  date and time and click book session. Follow screen prompts from here.

Please don’t arrive to early as you will be waiting in your car longer than necessary. Aim to be at the studio 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Did you check your spam/ junk folder? Was your payment taken out of your bank account? If you can not find the email and no payment was taken, then unfortunately you will need to make another booking. If your payment has come out and you can not find the confirmation email you must contact us at [email protected] as it is possible there has been a mistake with your email address.

As per our terms and conditions we allow 1 appointment change with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. You must contact us at [email protected] within 48 hours of your appointment time requesting a new date and time (check our booking calendar before requesting this change)

You can only make 1 appointment change and you will be required to pay $2.50 admin fee, If you require a further appointment change you will forfeit your $25 deposit and need to re book a new appointment and pay a new $25 deposit.

As per our terms and conditions we do not allow appointment cancellations and refunds.

You have the opportunity to re-schedule your appointment once without loosing your deposit.

Yes an email will be sent 2 days prior to your appointment.

If anyone is feeling unwell, or experiencing any flu like symptoms, been in contact with someone who has tested positive to covid-19, or been to a covid hotspot, you must contact us on 0438 246 806, to arrange a reschedule of your appointment once you receive a negative covid test.

Due to covid-19, social distancing regulations, cleaning procedures, and less spots due to opening much later than we planned, we are unable to offer group photo’s this year. We can only take individual families. 

Unfortunately due to high demand we can not offer a wait list. If any spots become available due to cancellations etc. we will advertise the on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lastingmemoriesphotography.barbara

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lastingmemoriessanta

Yes. It is a non refundable $27.50 deposit per booking. $25 is deducted from your USB price.

You will receive a USB of all photos taken on the day. Customers who have Lasting Memories Usb’s  receive a past customer discount providing they have their USB with them. Photos are not edited, if you would like edited photos a $30 fee is required. You will still receive photos on a USB on the day, and the edited photos will be sent digitally within 3 days of having your photos taken.

Photo accessories also available,  blank (make your own key rings, magnets, baubles, snow domes, snow frames. (see price list for details).

We take 3 poses with Santa  (depending on whether your child is scared or unsettled), and we also take a photo without Santa.  We now have different backdrops to give you more variety. Extra poses are available at $10 per pose/backdrop. Extra poses are limited to adding parents or grandparents only.


Whilst we will try our absolute hardest sometimes we may not get the full amount of poses due to children being scared, tired etc.

Every photo taken is put onto your USB. This is different for everyone, as some children are harder to photograph than others.

We will ensure you have a decent photo of each pose/scene that is taken.

In order to receive the “bring back last years USB” discount, the USB must have our LASTING MEMORIES PHOTOGRAPHY logo on it, and be presented on the day.

*IMPORTANT* It is advisable that you back up all your photos that are on the USB. Unfortunately we are not responsible if something happens to your USB and you do not have a back up.

If your old USB doesnt work you will be required to purchase a new one for an additional $10

Unfortunately not. You will have to have it with you, in order to receive our past customer discount, otherwise you will have to purchase a new one.

If your USB is full or doesn’t work due to it being corrupted, needing formatting or not reading at all, you will be required to purchase a new one for an additional $10.

Unfortunately we can not cover USB’s as it could have been put into a computer which had a virus, It could have been left in the heat or something else could have happened beyond our control. If this happens you will be required to purchase a new USB at a discounted price of $10.

You dont have to supply a USB as we have them with our logo on them. Once you have purchased one of our USBs you will receive a discount in the future if you return that USB. If you insist on bringing your own, we will upload the photos for you, however you will still be required to pay new USB price.

Unfortunately we are unable to hold spots or release spots for loyal customers first, as we do not have enough spots to offer to all our loyal customers. It is a first in best dressed booking scenario, however we do try and look after our loyal customers by offering a discounted price when returning with our USB. 

If there is enough interest, we will definitely take photo’s after Christmas and into the new year.

Unfortunately we will not be taking Santa Photo’s at Richmond marketplace this year. However if all goes well we will definitely be back for 2022 Christmas.

Unfortunately we will not be returning to Glenmore Park Town Centre. There is a different company taking Santa photo’s there that have no affiliation with Lasting Memories Photography.