We start taking Easter Bunny Photos at Richmond marketplace on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. We work everyday until Thursday 18th April 2019.

The Easter Bunny will also visit the Hideaway in Bringelly on Saturday 20th  April, (bookings essential via our website. bookings open Monday 1st April).


If you visit Richmond Marketplace you will have a wide variety of different packages available, starting at just $20. (Go to the Richmond Easter Bunny tab, to see times and prices)

If you plan to visit The Hideaway at Bringelly, you can only purchase or bring back a Lasting Memories USB. (Go to the Easter bunny Hideaway tab for pricing)

Bookings for Santa’s Hideaway will open Tuesday 1st October for all October time slots.

Bookings for November  and December will open on Monday 28th October.



Santa Photo’s 2019 will commence Saturday 5th October (school Holidays)


10 magical minutes per booking slot.

Click on the Santas Hideaway tab, scroll down and click Book Santa Portraits. Here you will be directed to a calendar. Pick your date and time and click book session. Follow screen prompts from here.

If you login to your account via the website (top right hand corner) and your appointment is in UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS and you’ve paid your deposit then YES your booking is confirmed. We will send another email 2 days before your appointment time.

As per our terms and conditions we allow 1 appointment change with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. To do this login to your account, click upcoming appointments and click CHANGE DATE. Now you can select your new date and time.

If you require a further appointment change you will forfeit your $25 deposit and need to re book a new appointment and pay a new $25 deposit.

As per our terms and conditions we do not allow appointment cancellations and refunds.

You have the opportunity to re-schedule your appointment once without loosing your deposit. 

Yes an email will be sent 2 days prior to your appointment.

These centres are not a time slot booking system, on the day you wish to have photos taken you join the virtual queue via the iPad at the shopping centre only. You will get a text with an APPROX wait time, then another text when required to return. Upon returning there will be 1-3 people waiting and your name will be called according to our records.


If there are 2 families you will only need to book 1 session per family. It will cost $15 extra per family for a group photo of all the kids, this will be done during the 2 appointments.

If there are 3 or more families you will need to purchase an extra time slot on top of each families individual sessions, eg: 3 families will need 3 sessions for their individual photos AND a session for the group photo. This extra time session is charged at $70 (MAXIMUM 5 Families). We will take 2 different poses with the groups. All photos taken will be put onto USB’s. If you ordered prints you will receive 1 5×7 and 1 wallet sheet per family (same photo).

Any groups larger then 5 families, please contact us via email.



When joining the queue please ensure you fill out a spot for each photo to be taken, eg: if you are having photos of your children, your niece and nephew, and then a photo of all the kids together you need to fill out 3 time slots in the virtual queue. This will ensure those joining after you will be given a more accurate wait time. 

If you don’t mind including  your sisters children into your 10 minutes, then we can do that in your allocated slot for an extra $30 ($15 each family) You can only include 1 other family, if there are more than 2 families you will need to book an extra time slot. 

If purchasing a USB, you will receive all the photos taken unedited, put onto the USB after your photo shoot (shopping centres  USB pick ups can take up to 2 hrs on busy days). We take 2 poses in the shopping centres and 3 poses at Santa’s Hideaway. Extra poses are available (see price lists for details).

If you purchase prints you have different choices to choose from (more choices in the shopping centres) See price lists under Santa Photos tab, then choose location


Photo accessories also available, both blank (make your own key rings, magnets, baubles, snow domes, snow frames or we will make them for you. (see price list for details).


We take 2 poses eg: a smiling one and a funny one. Extra poses are available at an extra cost of $10 each- extra poses are limited to adding parents or grandparents only. Cousins will fall into the group photo category and are charged $10 extra per family.



We take 3 poses. Extra poses are available at $10 per pose, extra poses are limited to adding parents or grandparents only. Cousins will fall into the group photo category and are charged accordingly.


Whilst we will try our absolute hardest sometimes we may not get the full amount of poses due to children being scared, tired etc.

Printed photos are printed in lots of 3, so if you purchase 3 they are all the same, you may purchase 6 and request for there to be 2 poses printed but you must tell us at the time of your photo shoot.

This is only applicable for Richmond and Glenmore Park.

Every photo taken is put onto your USB. This is different for everyone, as some children are harder to photograph than others.

We will ensure you have a decent photo of each pose that is taken.

In order to receive the “bring back last years USB” discount, the USB must have our LASTING MEMORIES PHOTOGRAPHY logo on it.  You may bring your own if you like, however you will be charged the same price as a new USB.

Your old USB should definitely be backed up. Lasting Memories can not be held responsible if a USB doesn’t work or have enough room to add new photos. It would be wise to bring it to us empty.


Unfortunately not. You will have to have it with you, if not you will need to purchase a new one.